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Bulk Ordering of Face Masks

We are receiving an increasing volume of enquiries from business and organizations looking to protect both their employees and consumers where there is face to face contact expected, or employees have to use public transport. As the country attempts to resume some elements of normalcy the risks increase as contact with potential virus carriers increases. To avoid a further rise in infection levels, or a 2nd peak during the winter season, it is vital we keep PPE as a priority in the fight against Covid-19.

We are able to supply cost effective and long term sustainable supply. Our washable masks are proving to be very economical when compared to disposable masks, and they are far more protective in their properties than ordinary cloth masks.

All our masks are medical grade and have conformity certification to EN 14683, with bacterial filtrations at the same level as an N95 and bacterial cleanliness in the Virobloc mask is over 300% more effective than an FFP3 respirator surgical mask.

Readily available for immediate bulk shipping. Bulk volumes bring about savings in our manufacturing process so we can pass on those savings to you. Each product page will have some bulk discount details, however please do contact us as we keen to support organizations in their fight to keeping healthy and getting back to normal work life and we may be able to subsidize the price further.

    We are able to provide color options, as well as include corporate branding.

    We are able to invoice and take direct payments if preferred, and we can ship globally from California. 

    Please contact anja@elle.co.uk with your details if you have any further queries. Thank you.