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Eco, Ethics & Us

Ethical Manufacture & Eco Friendly

From manufacturer direct to you, our knitting takes place at family owned factory. And speaking of families, we are conscious of the legacy we leave for future generations, so we endeavor to be as eco aware as we possibly can be in a commercial world. We analyze all aspects of our manufacture, employee welfare, raw material, packaging and shipping, and use materials and processes which minimize our impact on the environment. This is a commitment requiring constant updating of how we do business, and we promise to try and use all new innovations, technology and environmental initiatives for best practice in our company.

The factory was established about 50 years ago. Here begins the research, development, innovation in yearns, knitting techniques & machinery, to meet the needs and trends of the consumer. We are able to manufacture from 8 denier to 250 denier products, in a variety of both synthetic and natural fibers, using knit techniques such as plain knit, microfiber, 3D, and the new increased width knitting for plus size markets.

With a strong global presence, we have a capacity of over 12 million pairs per year, on latest generation machinery, equipped to ensure highest manufacturing quality standards are achieved.  


The Environment Matters

The  STeP by OEKO-TE certification enables the claim the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX standard. 

The certification is designed to ensure all textiles which carry the mark are tested to be in accordance with humane ecological standards as set by the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, and guarantee the absence of harmful substances in all of our products. The standard is further designated to meet production sustainability with STeP by OAKO-TEX guidelines, and covers the manufacturing process from knitting to logistics, with six core modules for sustainable production:

    1. Chemicals management
    2. Environmental performance
    3. Environmental management
    4. Social responsibility
    5. Quality management
    6. Workplace safety


    Made in Green by OEKO_TEX



    Vegan Packaging!

    We have done away with superfluous packaging, & use minimal amount necessary to ensure you receive your purchase safe & sound