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Protective Mask Recommended Wear Instructions

These masks are intended as an additional tool in the precautions taken to minimize exposure, and should be used as part of social distancing and personal hygiene protocols; so, do self-isolate and follow all guidance issued by local authorities and government. Wash hands before touching anything that is going to go near your face, restrict touching of mouth nose & eyes, cough or sneeze into a tissue and bin it immediately. 

Wearing the wrong way, becoming complacent with hygiene, or not replacing or washing can render any mask a problem rather than a solution. Please use in the correct way as an additional protection with your existing precautions. 

  1. Wash hands before handling mask
  2. Place on face
  3. You can wear whichever way feels comfortable; however, we recommend placing the opening on the inner side for better appearance. It’s also okay to pull the mask up high on your nose bridge and pull below chin, it will stretch and will stay put, and after each wash will fit more snuggly.
  4. Do not touch mask whilst wearing - imagine if you had no mask on, you would not touch your face and nose without washing your hands, do same even when wearing the mask - the mask is an additional precaution for peace of mind, not a complete solution.
  5. If someone has sneezed or coughed in your vicinity, or you feel you have come into contact with someone infected, please self-isolate and remove mask and put for wash. Then wash your hands and if needed use a clean washed mask. 
  6. Do not wear same M1/M2 mask for longer than half a day, and the V1/V2 mask (which is self-sanitising) for longer than a full day. The properties in the masks are longer term than that, however we want you to err on side of caution at all times, and as these masks are washable, you should refresh after each single instance use.
  7. May take some getting used to initially, as would be the case for any mask, as you learn how to breathe and regulate your breath whilst having your mouth and nose covered. Breathing through your nose is easier to manage, and feels calmer.
  8. All fibers and treatments are proven and tested to be harmless to humans and are very eco and organic, however in first instance if you desire you can gently wash before use, it makes the masks feel even more comfy and much easier to contour to the face!

Wash instructions:

M1 & M2 Antimicrobial Masks wash by hand at 140° Fahrenheit. Enhanced treatments good for 20 - 25 washes.

V1 & V2 Counter-Covid Masks wash by hand at 104° Fahrenheit. Enhanced treatments good for 30 washes.

Simplest way is to soak in a bowl of water, add some detergent and leave to soak for half an hour. Then rinse thoroughly, wring out excess water, and hang to air dry. Mask protective properties are cited by the scientists to last for repeated and extended washes, but as a precaution we recommend between 20 - 25 washes for the M1 and M2 antimicrobial masks, and 30 washes for the V1 and V2 Viroblock Masks, depending upon your degree of use. Wash after every single use instance.

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